Solver Capabilities

Advanced Boundary Treatment
  • Treatment of wall boundaries based on surface meshes
  • Remeshing of surface meshes
  • Moving bodies
  • Treatment of open boundaries
    • Direct imposition of pressure or velocity (gradients)
    • Physical extrapolation of pressure or velocity to assure local backflow (Riemann-Open-BC)
    • Non-reflecting (Characteristic-BC)
Multi-physics simulations
  • Treatment of single-phase and multi-phase flows
  • Treatment of fluid flows with SPH
  • Treatment of granular media with DEM
  • Coupling between SPH and DEM
  • Treatment of heat transfer (convection and conduction)
Perfomance and Accuracy
  • Simulations in 2D, 3D and rotating systems
  • Multi-node parallelization on CPUs
  • Numerical Optimizations (shifting, advanced surface detection)

Web App Capabilities

  • Browser-based pre- and post-processing of simulations
  • Computation on Cloud-CPUs
  • Storage of simulation projects and results