Simulating fluid flows around complex, moving geometries is one of the greatest challenges of classical mesh-based fluid simulation methods. Due to SPH‘s mesh-free nature, the method is predestined for studies on complex transmission systems.

Fluidic Oscillator

The fluidic oscillator is an impressive usecase for SPH with challenging physics. A correct calculation of the boundary layer is as important as the precise representation of flow instabilities at high Reynolds numbers. The work presented here is the result of a cooperation between FDX Fluid Dynamics GmbH and dive solutions GmbH.

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Sewer System

Berlin‘s municipal water supplier Berliner Wasserbetriebe is facing the challenge of adapting their sewage network to present conditions: Declining water consumption and more frequent drought periods lead to underload of the sewer. Increased deposit of sediment and rising costs of maintenance are the result. The challenge: Development of models and methods for the simulation of complex multiphase systems.

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